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Land of the Nurogons

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Do you prefer reading e-copies instead of having to lug books along or expend the time and effort required to turn pages:-) Worry not, we've got that taken care of. Grab this listing for a chance to download a Land of the Nurogons eBook and go on an unforgettable fantasy quest with Hayden Smith & Co.

The Blurb:

 Hayden Smith had always considered himself to be an average high school kid. There was nothing special about him— or so he thought! But what did he know? Well, he had no idea he'd been marked out as ‘the Chosen One’. You see, he fell into a hole and ended up in a parallel dimension — the world of Nurogonia. How would you explain to your school mates that you’ve been missing for days because you’d been with a load of Nurogons? Now some bloke called Sosiri wants to rule Nurogonia and turn it into something awful! If Hayden doesn’t thwart his plans many will die. No pressure then.

Told primarily from Hayden’s perspective, Land of the Nurogons — written by ten-year-old Aiyven Mbawa — details the adventures of four ‘ordinary’ teenagers as they embark on a fantasy quest to save a new world that they have come to know and love from the clutches of a treacherous enemy.