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Schools & Local Authorities

Help us create a community of engaged readers through books that are representative of our diversity. 

Schools, Local Authorities & Companies in the U.K. are subscribing to Happier Every Chapter, so that each month, 8-14 year old children like us can receive boxes addressed to them with epic/diverse reads, short stories, activity sheets, treats and access to a community of engaged readers. With prices ranging from £37 - £239 , there is something to fit every need. Schools and Local Authorities can subscribe as few or as many children as they'd like and can use the Pupil Premium Plus for children who are looked after and Pupil Premium for other vulnerable children to subscribe for a minimum of 3 months. For many children, this will be a key event each month because it tells them, they are remembered.

We also currently offer virtual author visits for subscribing schools as a way of supporting Peer Assisted Learning. During these visits, we do talks on literacy, creative writing and our work to promote diversity. Feedback indicates these visits go a long way to boost morale and provide inspiration.

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According to research, almost 400,000 children in the U.K. do not own a single book. That is an estimated 1 in 8 children, most of them from the nation's most disadvantaged areas. These are shocking statistics and our mission is to help improve access to and change the way literacy is viewed by our peers. The research report, Book ownership and reading outcomes, found that children who own a book are 15 times more likely to read above the level expected for their age and are four times less likely to read below the expected level.  Additionally, the benefits of reading span way beyond the pages of a book. Reading is known to improve academic performance across the board because it;

  • improves brain connectivity.
  • increases your vocabulary
  • Increases comprehension.
  • reduces stress and helps fight depression symptoms because its a means of escapism and coping.

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Literacy promotion isn't our only cause. The statistics around diversity in children's books is worrying to say the least. According to the CLPE Reflecting Realities Report of 2020, only 5% of children’s books published in 2019 had a black, Asian or minority ethnic main character, despite 33.5% of school children being of black Asian or minority ethnic origins. In comparison, an animal or an in-animate object is 38% more likely to be featured as a main character in a children's book. 

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This is where Happier Every Chapter comes in. This is a subscription box service for 8-14 year olds (Key Stage 2 / Second Stage (Scotland) & Key Stage 3 / Third Stage (Scotland))Our full monthly boxes are shipped to the school or designated address on 12th of each month, addressed to the child & include:

  • 2 superbly curated themed books (one of which is a diverse read)
  • 2 themed short stories written by us
  • Activity Sheets
  • Exclusive Author Goodies
  • 4-6 Lifestyle items
  • Access to a community for author interviews, competitions, discounts etc

We also have 1-Book Boxes which come with a book & 4+ mystery items

There are few professions busier than educators and teachers which makes it hard for them to find engaging & diverse reads to meet literacy needs.  As children, we can't be what we can't see. Here are a few reasons why think diversity is crucial in middle-grade literature

  • Allows for a mirror effect. To see one's self represented in a story allows for exploration of one's identity
  • Opens the mind by bringing visibility to cultures different from our own
  • Builds community unity, understanding and inclusivity
  • Creates openings for discussions about current events
  • Emphasizes similarities: kids are kids no matter how different their backgrounds
  • Begins the work of erasing from the grass roots, the idea that one type of human is superior to another.

So let us help you diversify your library's bookshelves and help all kids become more aware of the beautiful diversity of our society through lots of exciting books and short stories. You can also read our blog for more articles on diverse middle-grade reads.