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We are Kirsten & Aiyven Mbawa, 14 and 12 year old sisters with a passion for reading and writing. We published our debut novels (Sagas of Anya & Land of Nurogons) in April 2020 and in October that same year we launched Happier Every Chapter, a monthly book subscription box with plans for kids 4-14. Each month, in addition to the themed books and gift items included in the boxes, we each write a short story and these have become very popular with our subscribers.
January Box
We absolutely LOVE doing school visits. Our visits are engaging, interactive and impactful not only because of our message but because it is easier to be inspired and motivated by those one can relate to.
Virtual Author Visit with Norbury Primary
1 in 8 British children do not own a single book; 1 in 4 British 5 year-olds struggles with basic vocabulary; 1 in 5 children leave primary school unable to read or write properly and 9 million adults in the UK are functionally illiterate causing them to be more likely to be unemployed or in low-paid jobs. This costs the UK economy a staggering £37bn per year! Unchecked, literacy poverty could easily be a generational issue.
Additionally, there is a possibility that children disconnect from literacy initiatives due to lack of representation. The CLPE Reflecting Realities Report of 2020, found that only 5% of children’s books published in 2019 (& 8% in 2020) had a black, Asian or minority ethnic main character, despite 33.5% of school children being of black Asian or minority ethnic origins.
CLPE Reflecting Realities Report
Improved literacy outcomes will not only improve academic performance across the board, it will enrich children from both an emotional and a cultural perspective. This is why we are so passionate about promoting reading for pleasure, creative writing and diversity awareness through school visits.
 Our virtual author visits usually last 45mins - 1hr & could consist of: 
🎙A talk on Creative Writing & our writing process which includes a mini writing workshop. This is particularly suited for Years 3, 4, 5 & 6.
🎙A talk on our publishing journey and on becoming entrepreneurs / founders of Happier Every Chapter Book Subscription Box
🎙A talk on Reading for pleasure and reading from both our debut novels (Sagas of Anya & Land of Nurogons) or a reading from a short story from either of us.
Please note that our talks are;
  • Normally include quizzes, interactive activities & Q&A session at the end.
  • Suitable for groups of any size, within the limits of the digital platform used. We are able to use Zoom, StreamYard or Microsoft Teams.
  • Suitable both for classes that have all pupils in school and for those that have some (or all) pupils at home. We  encourage pupils at home to participate in the Q&A via the Chat function or asking live whilst supervised by he teachers.

We are super flexible so please do chat with us if you have any specific requirements and we can do a bespoke school visit just for you. We are more than happy for the school to request in advance which of our books or short stories they would like us to read from.

Please contact us here or by emailing if you would like to request a visit.   


It was an absolutely lovely talk and the students loved it! The girls are extremely talented and we would love to have them again. We have emailed few images from the talk and also a speaker directory form which will allow schools to directly get in touch with speakers.
  Divya Garg, Founder & CIO Lets Localise
Kirsten and Aiyven are such enthusiastic book devourers and super talented story makers. It's always a pleasure being involved and seeing their achievements.
Chris Callaghan, Author (Great Chocoplot)
Kirsten and Aiyven are two of the most amazing young entrepreneurs and authors I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I was interviewed by them for a live event and they were knowledgeable and interesting, showing great insight when it came to asking questions and fielding comments from listeners. I was lucky enough to have a book of mine featured in one of their book boxes, AND earn my book a brief showing on Channel Four, all thanks to them!
Nizrana Farook, Author (The Boy Who Met a Whale)