According to the OECD, developing a love of reading can be more important for a child’s educational success than their family’s socio-economic background. 
The benefits of reading for pleasure go way beyond overall academic achievement. So if you are a School Head with children in receipt of pupil premium consider the following:
  • What are the intentional steps you are taking to ensure your Pupil Premium children have the right educational resources to support their academic achievement?
  • If OFSTED announced they were turning up tomorrow, would you be equipped with sufficient evidence of how you are developing reading ability or reading for pleasure for your pupil premium children?   


Allow us to introduce our Happier Every Chapter Pupil Premium Service; a flexible, cost-effective & measurable way to spend money specifically allocated to developing and enhancing the children’s educational needs and experiences. 
Book mail can be very exciting. Not only will you be improving the literacy outcomes of the children by inspiring reading for pleasure, you will be boosting their well-being as they will look forward to receiving their own very book box each month, what's an easier way to build a library of their own.
A child who reads becomes an adult who thinks. For our pupil Premium service, we have plans suitable for KS1, Lower KS2 (Year 3 & 4) and Upper KS2 (Year 5 & 6). Our Pupil Premium Boxes come with 1 book, 2 short stories, activity sheets & 2 treats to make book mail unboxing even more exciting. If you would like a bespoke package, please do let us know.
So why not contact us on hello@mbawabooks.co.uk or 07949820944 and reap the benefits of reading like increased breadth of vocabulary,  better understanding of other cultures, better general knowledge, improved well-being, emotional intelligence, resilience and even a greater insight into human nature.   
For children keen on reading but whose reading age is behind the chronological age, we have suitable books available upon request.