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According to the OECD, developing a love of reading can be more important for a child’s educational success than their family’s socio-economic background. 
The benefits of reading for pleasure go way beyond overall academic achievement. 
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    Other benefits include an increased breadth of vocabulary, pleasure in reading in later life, a better understanding of other cultures, better general knowledge, improved well-being, emotional intelligence, resilience and even a greater insight into human nature.
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    Also, literacy is not reserved to English lessons only, it can greatly help with writing in History, explanations in science, debates in TP etc etc. That is why we are so passionate about it, its benefits are very far reaching. for these reasons, we are looking to partner with specific groups of people hence the reason we ask....
    • Are you a Head/Teacher keen for your school to become an outstanding reading school by enhancing literacy outcomes, diversity & inclusion awareness?
    • Are you a Virtual School or Pupil Referral Unit Head seeking ways to better the academic, upward mobility, language and communication potential of the children in your care using their pupil premium allocation?
    • Are you a Local Authority wanting to use Pupil Premium to better the welfare and support provided to looked after children or those at the edge of care? 
    • Is your Corporate organisation committed to literacy promotion as a way to improve social mobility and exercise the commitment to Diversity, Equality & Inclusion initiatives?

     According to research, almost 400,000 (1 in 8) children in the U.K. do not own a single book. The Book ownership and reading outcomes report found that children who own a book are 15 times more likely to read above the level expected for their age, so book ownership is pretty important.

      Not only that, stats around diversity in children's books are worrying. The CLPE Reflecting Realities Report of 2020, found that only 5% of children’s books published in 2019 (8% in 2020) had a black, Asian or minority ethnic main character, despite 33.5% of school children being of black Asian or minority ethnic origins. In other words, an animal or an in-animate object is 38% more likely to be featured as a main character in a children's book!

      Diversity Stats

      Help us change these stats and make reading for pleasure cool again and while we are there, improve diversity awareness too.

      Happier Every Chapter, our subscription box service caters for 4-14 year olds (Key Stage 1 - 3) with our themed monthly boxes shipped to the school or a  designated address between12th - 15th of each month, addressed to the child. Boxes typically include 2 books (including a diverse read), 2 popular short stories (written by the founders), activity sheets and 4-6 gift items:

      There are a number of plans to choose from:

      • Little Literates (4 - 7): 2 Books & 4-6 Gift Items
      • Thought Leaders(8-12) 1 Book Plan: 1 Book, 2 Short Stories & 4-6 Gift
      • Thought Leaders(8-12) 2-book Plan: 2 Books, 2 Short Stories & 4-6 gifts
      • Book Wolves (13-14) 1-Book Plan: 1 Book, 2 Short Stories & 4-6 Gifts
      • Book Wolves (13-14) 2-Book Plan: 2 Books, 2 Short Stories & 4-6 Gifts
      • Book Wolves (13-14) Books & Stories Plan: 2 Books & 2 Short Stories

      ✨Customised plans available upon request 

      With pre-paid plans available and monthly plans starting from as little as £17.99/month and the option to customise plans to suit specific circumstances, there is something for every need. Subscriptions can be for as few or as many children as you'd like and schools / Local Authorities can use the Pupil Premium Plus to subscribe for  looked after children or other vulnerable children.

      As a complimentary service, we also offer virtual author visits for subscribing schools as a way of supporting Peer Assisted Learning through peer motivation. During these visits, we talk on our publishing journey, the benefits of reading for pleasure, creative writing (creating worlds with our short stories) and our work to promote diversity awareness. Feedback indicates these visits go a long way to boost morale and provide inspiration.

      Don't forget to contact us @ or +44 (0) 7949 820 944 if you have any questions.