Which Generation Reads The Most?

When you think about those who read, most people immediately think of the older generation who are spending their retirement reading book after book, whilst the youngest generation are creating TikToks in their spare time. Well, you wouldn't be entirely wrong to think that.

Best By Numbers created an amazing infographic that breaks down the reading habits that 5 different generations have. Those generations are as follows:

- Generation Z (5-25 year olds)

- Millennials (26-40 year olds)

- Generation X (41-55 year olds)

- Baby Boomers (56-75 year olds)

- The Silent Generation (76+ year olds)


Here is a summary of the findings:

- Millennials read more books than any other generation

- The Silent Generation spend the most time reading each day

- Gen Z prefer fantasy fiction, whilst The Silent Generation prefer mystery and suspense novels




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