What Young People are Thinking About Climate Change

Climate change is a problem that needs real solutions, and youth can be a driving force in finding those solutions.  
Our generation is the most informed and educated about climate change. We've got access to information more than ever before, and this has led to a shift in awareness and thought. When I was younger, no one talked about climate change. Our generation is more aware and educated than ever before.

Recently, Aiyven shared her thoughts on climate change.

“There are many little habits that people don’t realise are bad for the planet, like taking two showers a day when you only need one or leaving your phone charging. For instance, my piano teacher told me when you go out you should unplug your cooker and all your electrical things. There’s no need for it to be left on. These are just small solutions that don’t take any effort, but if everyone participated, it could help resolve many problems.”

A worrying statistic from a BBC survey said 

Nearly 60% of young people approached said they felt very worried or extremely worried about climate change.

Today, the internet allows young people to access information about climate change in ways that they didn't have access to before. As a result of having this access, young people are more aware of climate change issues than young people of previous generations, and more accurately estimate the severity of the consequences.
With many ways to chat with others around the world , young people are also able to access information and communicate about climate change issues in a way that wasn't possible before.

Other people mentioned in TogetherBand's blog say:

“My biggest concern is the amount of food waste and how bad that is for the environment, like when a supermarket decides a vegetable isn’t good enough to be sold. I’ve read about how cauliflowers have to be this perfect size, otherwise they go to waste. It’s crazy because they’re perfectly edible. Supermarkets need to accept those imperfect foods and educate people that they shouldn’t just be choosing ‘perfect’ fruit and veg. My dad used to be a chef and is part of the Tooting Foodival which is all about cooking for the community with homegrown produce. Homegrown food never looks perfect!

“I saw Greta’s ‘blah blah blah’ speech and I thought it was amazing. A lot of people try to sugar-coat what they say, but I love the fact she is so honest. It’s very powerful and it does make a difference.” - Millie, 14


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