Ways Reading Will Improve Your Kids Speech and Vocabulary

Reading any kind of book will expose your kid to new words, and as they read more and see the same words repeated, it will encourage the child to pick up the sounds in the words, and attempt to say them, which will lead to increasing their vocabulary.

Reading new words in context will also help your child to understand the meaning of the words more, which will allow them to use the words better in their everyday life.


It Gives Them Something to Talk About

Two young children - a girl and a boy sitting next to each other. The girl is whispering into the boys ear

Giving your children books to read will get them interested in various topics, and as they research more about the topic they will be eager to talk to you about it and learn even more, and as they learn more about it they may also learn more complex words, and learning more complex facts may help them in school and will improve their reading level.


It Helps Them Understand Emotions

A lego figurine sitting looking sad

Reading will allow your child to understand words and their meanings / implications in conversations, and they will be able to use this to their advantage by using them in conversations, which will help them understand their family and friends, it may also help them understand diversity and how to be empathetic, as many books touch on these topics nowadays.


Reading Out Loud

Boy standing in a crowd of other similar-aged boys, reading a book out loud

Reading out loud can really help your child's speech, it allows them to pronounce all the words, and they can get help if they struggle with any pronunciations , picking a topic your child is interested in to read out loud is important as it will keep them engaged while reading, and keeping them interested in the topic will make them want to read more and tell people about it.

Reading out loud can also help the child add emotions into their conversation, and will allow them to be more empathetic and reading out loud can also help others, as your child may like to read out loud to a sibling or friend.



Three young girls sitting in a row. The photo is taken from behind them. They look to be chatting with one another

Reading a book forces your child to use their imagination, and it helps promote creativity, as they can think of whatever they like to go along with the story they are reading, whereas screens will just show what they want.

When your child is forced to use their brain to think, it can increase their creativity and productivity!

Reading can also help promote their writing skills as well, as they may start to think up their own stories, and want to write them down, or even reading them out loud to you, which can also help increase your bonds with your child, and you can add feedback and comment on what they think.

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