Unboxing Our Books!!

After all the wait, our books have arrived! We hope you are as excited as we are, this is AMAZING news! In this clip you get to see us unboxing a boxful of our books — you can probably tell that we’re so ecstatic to have our books after all this wait! We have a time-lapse of us signing books as well, we want to make this a delightful experience for our readers. Shipping begins ASAP! Checkout our Full Unboxing video on Facebook
We had some issues with our printer and obvious delays due to Covid-19, but our books are here now and we shouldn’t complain 😉
This post cannot go out to everyone without us thanking our Kickstarter backers. If it weren’t for you, these pictures and videos probably wouldn’t be here. Thank you for supporting and making our wildest dreams come true.
Zaki the ragdoll cat posing with Land of the Nurogons
This is enough to make anyone’s day better ... make anyone’s LIFE better, let alone day! We are extremely grateful; it’s impossible to express our gratitude.
We have a Launch promotion at the moment 22% Off the usual RRP! And you get signed copies:-) If you prefer, you can also get Sagas of Anya & Land of the Nurogons from Amazon.
Sagas of Anya
Land of the Nurogons
Thank you so much for reading and supporting us through this journey.
See you next post!

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