Theme Reveal for August

In July we launched 'Jokes of July' as that month's box. We did this because July is the end of the school year and there's no denying that this academic year was one that we would prefer *not* to relive. It was a learning experience, for sure, but we prefer being in the classroom and with our friends, I'm sure most young people feel the same! We wanted something that would put a smile on people's faces and make them laugh. The Jokes of July boxes are now in the hands of our subscribers and we are receiving some fantastic feedback about them. Here's a sneak peek of a sibling box for our Jokes of July Box.


Our theme for August is one that we have had much deliberation about. As it's now the school holidays, we wanted to make sure our boxes would be a good companion for our subscribers throughout their time off school. Even though the weather is spectacular now, we all but know how quickly it can change! We want our box to be able to take your imagination elsewhere, whilst you're sitting inside during the rain, or on a long and boring car journey.

Without further ado, here's our theme!

Perilous Adventures

"There is no adventure without some amount of peril"


Books full of adventure are are always a winner in our eyes. Adventure books, where the plot drives the storyline, are so much fun to read. Aiyven's novel: Land of the Nurogons contains so much fantasy adventure, and I think that's why we like the genre so much!

We can assure you that this is another box which will be full to the brim with exciting and enjoyable content, which we hope will keep you entertained for hours on end. We are going to spend this week finalising all of the items which are going into the box, and then we will give you a sneak peak very soon! In the mean time, here's a mood board to keep you prepped for more.

Perilous Adventures Mood Board

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