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Gifting your tweens or middle-graders with a book subscription box is something they will not only will enjoy but it can help build their confidence and self-esteem. Gifting helps establish relationships and enhances family bonds even more so when you gift a book. They do say the greatest gift is a passion for reading.  And don’t forget that the giver also gets the biggest the benefit of hopefully creating and/or fostering a love for reading.


Benefits of Subscription Box For Tweens/Teens

Its a no brainer that away from school, at weekends or during schools holiday, the tendency is for tweens to revert to or binge on TV, tablets or phones. A book subscription box does not only take them off the glare of the screens to something that adds value, it can be a great deal of fun too. The fact that something different will be coming through the post every month builds that surprise and excitement. Something to look forward to each month and as part of a wider community. So to make the concept even more enticing, book subscription boxes will not only come with books but will also have a lot of other cool book related & lifestyle stuff which will keep your child looking forward to the next delivery with great eagerness. 


So, just to keep it brief, here are some benefits of a book subscription box for tweens:

Reading is a gateway to success
It is widely known that reading from a young age and more so as teens contributes to success. This is what makes the work of charitable organisations like the Booktrust so vital. Tweens and teens who read more than just what their school curriculum dictates have been found to do generally better in school than their peers. For one, it expands their vocabulary and the exposure to different styles of writing helps develop better writing skills. Undoubtedly, kids who read less simplistic literary works gain skills in analytical thinking and are better at handling complex ideas. The more teens read, the more information they pick up. Epic Reads is a fantastic platform for opening up awareness to a wide range of books for teens and young adults. 


Reading expands horizons
There are few things which expand children's' horizons like reading as they learn more about people and the world. Moreover, reading exposes children to the fact that everyone has problems in his or her life and may even help them see solutions to their own problems, develop problem solving skills and develop the confidence to face challenging situations like the inspirational figures in the books they read.

Reading is fun
Reading is has been said to e akin to dreaming with your eyes open. It is such fun in the way it captures the imagination, stretches it even, takes hold of the attention, tickles one's funny bone, causes one to rage, brings one to tears and stimulates creativity. Its incredible the way in which reading can bring you into the moment or suck you completely into another time by teaching one about this world or transporting you on a journey to another. This is our goal for the Mbawa Books Subscription box, to create a community of readers who will journey with us through all the magnificent stories in book boxes.


 What you will get with a Mbawa Subscription Box
The Mbawa Books Subscription Box (Happier Every Chapter) is a box run by avid tween readers and authors. For tweens by tweens. With this box, you are guaranteed to get epic stories, bookish treats, author swag, cool lifestyle items and access to a subscriber only Facebook Group where Live Author interviews and book chats will take place. The Mbawa Books Box will either put the fun back into reading or make it even more fun to read.


Subscribe today for great discounts on boxes, sit back and watch the smile on their faces.  Our boxes are suitable for tweens (8-14yrs old) but even more advanced younger readers or readers older than the tween-age could enjoy the books and treats. Find out more @ Mbawa Books Subscription Box. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to

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