Should Your Child Start Reading at an Early Age?

Does it help?

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Reading from an early age can help your child in many ways!

Starting young, reading books to your child will help them to learn small bits of vocabulary, and when they are young, they will learn much faster, so starting to talk and read to your child earlier will help them improve much faster.


In School

A classroom with lots of children working. The main emphasis on the photo is on one boy who is reading a book to his left, and then writing in a book on his right

Reading at an early age, while entering school can lead to increases in grades in most subjects.

Many books for children are based on fun facts and will try to keep your child interested, and if your child gets interested in a specific topic from reading, they may want to learn more and more about it!

The lessons in many children's books may help with learning about family, religion and diversity, as many books nowadays like to touch on topics, and can help your child understand more about the world they are living in!



A young boy concentrating on writing in a book at school

Reading can also help your child's writing, as they will gain ideas and creativity from reading, and may want to write themselves, this can also be a way of relieving stress!


A young boy sitting on a bench. He has a book open on his lap and is hysterically laughing

As your child gets older, and starts reading higher level books, they will start to pick up new words and vocabulary from then and they may also pick up on the emotions of characters in the book, helping them to become more empathetic towards others

Reading at an early age can also help to increase your child's confidence, as they learn new words and vocabulary, they will be able to express themselves how they want!

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