Creating Worlds With Creative Writing! Our Expert Talk on Let's Localise!

💥Eeek!💥We will be hosting our very first expert talk on LetsLocalise on the 7th of February @ 9:30am - 10:30am

The aim of Let's Localise is to be an online space for local communities to rally in support of schools and provide pupils with help be it time, money, experience or resources so that pupils can have the best possible school experience / outcomes .

Our talk is entitled “Creating Worlds with Creative Writing”. It’s quite powerful to be motivated by someone you can relate to, so, come Monday, we hope to inspire our peers to develop a love for creative writing as we walk them through our publishing journey and the process of writing our popular monthly short stories for Happier Every Chapter✨.

If you're a school, headteacher or teacher looking to get your pupils’ creative juices flowing and bring a spark to literacy activities, why not to sign up to Let's Localise to get involved with our talk!

See link below ⬇️

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