Our Books Reviewed By The Very Bookish

Sometimes, some people will turn up along some journeys in life and hold your hand in ways you never could have dreamed to ask for.

Leah from The.Very.Bookish has been one of those godsends. Her bookstagramtwitter bookish feed  and blog are to die for. The.Very.Bookish has quite a following. Do yourself a huge favour and hop on for the very best bookish news and reviews.

When we contacted Leah earlier in the year through our mum asking for a read and review of sample chapters of our books, we would never have guessed that that to this day Leah would still have the heart to encourage and cheer us on like this. Listen to Leah's feedback about our sample chapters from 2:05 minutes into our Kickstarter Campaign video below...Aiyven was still 10 at the time:-).

We won't provide any spoilers but ask that you head over to Leah's blog to read her detailed review of not only Sagas of Anya but Land of the Nurogons. Absolutely well worth a read. 

As for ways to express our gratitude, there'll never be enough! Thank you Leah! You have been absolutely amazing.

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