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Angelina Jolie & Her New Book
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Welcome to another book review. This is a rather special one. We are reviewing Know Your Rights and Claim Them by Amnesty International, Geraldine Van Bueren, an International Human Rights Lawyer and Angelina Jolie, the world famous actress & UN Special Envoy for Refugees. It is so inspiring to see Angelina Jolie believes in the message so much, she even had it tattooed on her back! We were sent this book by Nicky Parker, Publisher & Literary Partnerships Lead at Amnesty International. We’re so grateful to have received early access as the book is due for release tomorrow 2nd September! 
Angelina Jolie        Geraldine Bueren
Angelina Jolie                                   Geraldine Van Bueren


Nicky Parker Amnesty International

Nicky Parker - Amnesty International


Published by Andersen Press, Know Your Rights and Claim Them celebrates the difference young activists have made in every corner of the world, and shows you how to challenge injustice wherever you may find it. It presents expert advice on peaceful protest, raising awareness at school and in your community, starting your own campaign and getting those in power to listen, plus vital guidance on protecting your safety, digital security and mental health. These are your rights. It is your right to know and claim them. Backed by some youths with incredibly strong and influential voices, the foreword pieces of the book was done by Greta & Malala.


Foreword by Greta Thunberg (Climate Change Activist)

Greta Thunberg

'Children are the future. This is the perfect book for young people who care about the world and want to make a difference' 


Foreword by Malala Yousafzai (Female Education Activist)



'We can stand up for our rights once we understand them. This book is a guide for every child and young person who believes in liberty, equality and a better world for all' 

With the rise of so many human right issues like human trafficking, refugee crises like the horrific case of Afghanistan, gender equality issues, this is a very timely guide for children from 13 - 18 on how to take charge of their rights, knowing them and claiming them. Most young people may not know this but but you have so many more rights than you'd expect and sometimes your rights can be abused which can even lead to harmful situations. This book shines a light on your rights and it also features personal accounts of people having their rights misinterpreted and how they've overcome that which we think is brilliant. 

 Kirsten and Aiyven Mbawa Reading Know Your Rights & Claim Them

One would think that given the subject matter, it might be a bit difficult to get across to the younger generation but it was made to be a brilliantly easy and entertaining read whilst informing you on the crucial information you need to know. It is the perfect book for young people who care about the world and want to make a difference. It is must read, as it would be so so useful for minors because it helps you navigate the ways of life and if you know your rights that's even better for growing up and as the blurb says it's just such an important part of your life to know your rights and to claim your rights you never know hopefully not but in the future your rights could be abused and if you haven't read a book like this or if you're not educated about your rights you may just you know let it slide by and just not think anything about it but if you know and claim your rights and go and speak to someone maybe the government or something like that you can get your rights treated respectfully. You can watch a video review on our YouTube Channel ! 

We highly recommend Know Your Rights & Claim Them to parents to give to their children and to children to read themselves because it's still very handy to know your rights should you heaven forbid find yourself in a situation where you have to go to court or you have to stand up to the government who sometimes aren't very good at upholding our rights even though they're the ones who created it in the first place! Even if you aren't gonna use your rights now or in the future, reading a book like this and having it at the back of your mind gives the comfort of knowing that you have some freedom as a child. 


The book is sectioned into four parts:

1) know your rights

2) Understand your rights

3) Claim your rights

4) Resources and other information

It is worth knowing that there are quite a number of countries that haven't fully signed up to uphold all of the child rights and that can be harmful in some situations. Reading this book brought to into our awareness and it goes into explaining some ways you can stand up to that and you can become an activist of your own. Example rights in this book are the right to information and guidance and criminal justice and liberty whereby you have the right not to be punished in a cruel harmful or degrading way you're entitled to a fair hearing and judges must consider your age and needs. It really is a must read for all children 11+, so watch this space come November when our Non-Fiction November boxes go out☺. Subscribe to Happier Every Chapter to make sure you don't miss out on this brilliant read & more.

We love how everything is laid out how with personal experiences from people who have had their rights misinterpreted and at the back there is a little dictionary for the emboldened words through out the book. They even have a notes page!!  We know for sure, in the days and months ahead, there will be much more coverage of this than what was done by BBC and Daily Mail last year.

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