In Conversation with Edward Adoo of BBC Three Counties Radio

Since publishing our books, we have had so many incredible opportunities to tell people about ourselves and what we are doing on both the TV and the radio. If we were to think back to a year ago, we’d never have imagined all of this amazing media coverage we’ve received from doing something we love.

In August we had the opportunity to speak to Edward Adoo on BBC Three Counties Radio. BBC Three Counties Radio is the BBC Local Radio service for the English counties of Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire which has 137,000 weekly listeners!


Rather than just having a shout out on the radio, we actually had the opportunity to speak with Edward the presenter and tell him (and the listeners) about us! We spoke about how we got into reading (thanks Mum and Dad!) and why we originally started our YouTube channel and about how we want to inspire and empower other children our age to get into reading and writing.

Edward Adoo

We also had the opportunity to speak about the books we have written which was an incredible opportunity for us! We are obviously so proud of the books we have written and it’s so amazing to spread the word of Land of the Nurogons and Sagas of Anya to lots of different people around the country (and maybe even the World?!). Edward was blown away when he found out that we had written a book each, he thought we had worked together to create one book!

Being able to speak on BBC Three Counties Radio was an amazing experience for us as we were able to talk about ourselves and our books live on air for 10 minutes! This is an experience we are so grateful for!

Thank you so much Edward! Thank you to the listeners too & to BBC Three Counties Radio!

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