How Reading Can Help You Sleep Better

How Reading Can Help You Sleep Better

With the rise of E-books, reading an actual book before you go to sleep has been declining, but is it actually more beneficial to read an actual book before you sleep, and will it help?

The Benefits of Reading Before Bed

Father reading with children in bed

Reading a book can often transport you or your child to another fantasy world, and that, for some people, can help reduce the stress that they may feel during their daily life.
Reading a book before bed can also help you get into a healthy nighttime routine, which in turn will help you fall asleep better, and guarantee a better nights sleep as your body clock adjusts.
Reading before bed can also help your child's tiredness from the day take over, allowing for an easier slip into sleep with less fuss, and resulting in a better nights sleep overall.

Ditching the Devices

Child on phone in bed

Many people spend most of their day on a device of some sort, but its widely known that the blue light from devices can affect your sleep schedule.
Sometimes the best option is to ditch the devices and the blue light that comes with them, and settle down with a good book instead.
A study from The Sleep Foundation shows that using a device that produces a blue night in the evenings may disrupt the sleep schedule.

Strengthening the Bond

Mother Reading in bed with child

Settling down with your child at nighttime can also help strengthen the bond between you, whether it be through enjoying the book together and commenting about it together, or simply having a relaxing moment together, spending that time before sleep can be a great time for your child to open up about any issues they may have, and can help give them time to talk about themselves.

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