GirlTalk HQ Features the Mbawa Sisters!

The news is coming thick and fast these days! Its a whirlwind. The days are blending eagerly into one another. Be that as it may, we couldn't let the opportunity of sharing this news with you pass us by.
The Mbawa Sisters aka we:-) were featured in a GirlTalk HQ blog post on the 26th of June 2020. The blog centred around our journey to publication of our debut middlegrade novels and how this achievement raises awareness about the importance diversity and representation. How exciting is this?? OMG!! Thank you so very much. We are beyond grateful for this fantastic honour. Giddy heights we hear you think? You would be right. We think so too.
Girl Talk HQ is a blog page that shares incredible articles based on women and their achievements. We are incredibly lucky to be featured in the blog post, and to be amazingly welcomed to the community. Especially in times like these, it is vital to do our own small part to encourage and lift one another up. Our prayer is that through the publication of our books, we can show others that it not only can be done, it has been done.
Once again, thank you so much for this incredible opportunity. This is one step farther for promoting not only our books but female achievements😊 To read the full blog post on their website, click here.

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