Back to School - Our Tips and Tricks!

Back to School, Our Tips and Tricks!

Getting back into the school year can be daunting for many children and parents, as there is always lots to prepare, here are some of our favourite tips and tricks to smoothen out the process!

Get Them Reading

Getting your child to read early on before the school year starts again can help them to develop their skills and help them learn even while they are not in school.
If your child doesn't like to read, you can incentivise the activity, with a reward , or you can give them books that suit their interests, as there is something out there for everyone!
Our Subscription box offers great reads for every child and rewards and fun items to make the activity of reading more fun for kids!

Get Into a Routine

Calendar schedule

Getting your child into a good sleep and work routine can help make the transition easier when going back into school.
Getting your child to sleep and wake up at similar times each day can help them fall into a routine, and a study from The Sleep Foundation shows increased sleep quality and cognitive function from being in a good sleep routine.

Prepare Before

Kid at desk with supplies

Preparing beforehand can really spare the stress of getting things prepared late, as you won't be rushing around to find everything your child may need, however you need to get your child to tell you everything they need beforehand, so getting a list of what they need can help!
Buying things beforehand can also help save money, as you are buying items over a long time, and not rushing to buy whatever is left on the few days before!
Preparing beforehand can also teach your child some organisation skills.

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