An Interview with Victorio Ademosu of the

Interview announcement graphic.
Interview announcement graphic.
We've had a few exciting things happen in the last couple of weeks! One of them being our live call with Victoria Ademosu of the and Agnes O'Brien the owner of the 11+, ISEB, SATs, GCSE & A-Level Resource Group.

What is the

The is the website for an academic group that aids children in the preparation for entrance exams with some of their students gaining admission into some of the most prestigious schools in the UK. Tutors and teachers from around the UK gather together to educate children from 11 onwards to provide the much needed support to take and ace the entrance exams for the coveted school places. The is owned and run by the formidable Victoria Ademosu.
What is the 11+, ISEB, SATs, GCSE & A-Level Resource Group?
The 11+, ISEB, SATs, GCSE & A-Level Resource Group is a Facebook platform (private group) to share study resources and learning tips for 11+, SATs, GCSE & ISEB exams. There are so many teachers, parents and pupils here to share queries, tips and ideas to help children and students prepare for exams.
We were thoughtfully invited by the Tutoress Victoria Ademosu & Agness O'brien to be guests on a Facebook live show to discuss the challenges & inspirations from the journey of publishing our debut novels, Sagas of Anya (by Kirsten) and Land of the Nurugons (by Aiyven). There's no doubt you would have heard us talk about our book journey. To watch the full interview, please follow this link and also visit our shop to find out more about our books
Thank you so very much to the Victoria & Agness for an amazing opportunity to share what Aiyven and I have achieved as authors. We think what you & Agness do through the 11+ group and the is so incredible and so many children will and have benefited from this program.
Thank you again!

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