Abigail's Dream Adventures & Super Sapiens Card Game Review

By Aiyven Mbawa
16th August was the day Kirsten and I interviewed some superb guests, Karen Franks (author and director of Abigail's Dream Adventures) and Alexa Virdi (co-founder of Super Sapiens Card Game). Both of our interviewees have an astounding product that we enjoyed sharing.

For the first half-hour of the live show, we welcomed viewers and explained the theme for the live (which was very new to us, it's regularly our YouTube videos that have themes). If you're wondering what this oh-so-mysterious theme was, it was "Diversity and Representation".
So, what do we mean by "Diversity and Representation"? Well, why didn't you ask before? Diversity and Representation (or D&R) is all about accepting and embracing different ethnicities, cultures, religions, genders, race and everything that makes us unique.
To kick off the interview, we played 2 Super Sapiens games: Snap and Memory Game. I hear you asking, "Hm, Aiyven, what is the special ingredient that makes these games so special? Where's the bulb to the light, the eye to the hawk?"
You see, these aren't your regular card games. This is the "Super Sapiens", a card game representing different races, cultures, ethnicities, religions etc. It isn't your typical Disney Princess type card game. And what makes Super Sapiens EVEN better? It's educational and includes 12 wonderful, sometimes underrated women for you to learn about! Deal? I think yes!
Plus, there are 3 games in total, "Guess Who, Snap and the Memory Game". An absolutely brilliant set of games to play. We still love playing them.
After playing, it was such fun talking to Alexa, her husband/Super Sapien Co-Founder Arhat and their daughter Ava about their motivation and dreams for the Super Sapien card game. Even more fun was learning about women like Maggie Lena Walker, Ada Lovelace, Marie Curie, Marianne Cohn, Dr Wangari Maathai, Cathy Freeman, Helen Keller & the Gulabi Gang etc etc
Karen Franks and Abigail's Dream Adventures
Our next interview was with Karen Franks, founder, author and producer of the stunning, award-deserving book, Abigail's Dream Adventures.
We started by inviting and welcoming Karen onto the show and tell our viewers more about her.
Shortly after, Kirsten reads us the blurb and an excerpt of Abigail's Dream Adventures. Abigail goes on extraordinary adventures at night, making friends along the way and landing in new and spectacular places. As she travels, Abigail learns more about unique and diverse children like her.
Script to Screen
At the minute, Karen is working on producing - yes, you heard me right, producing - her book, Abigail's Dream Adventures, into a television series, working with people such as John Amos and Charles West.
John Amos has been in movies such as Coming to America, Dr. Dolittle 3 and many more. The actor is doing a voice-over in the TV series. I know right - unbelievable!
Charles West is an executive producer who has worked with faces like Jamie Foxx, actor in movies such as Annie and The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
Abigail's Dream Adventures is an astounding creation. The television show will be released in 2021 or 2022. Thank you Karen for the awe-inspiring interview, show her all the support you have!
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Aiyven, 11

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