A retweet by The Daily Mirror & Jo Whiley in one day😍

KIrsten & Aiyven Mbawa. Founders of Happier Every Chapter Book Subscription box

Our twitter account was on the verge of combustion yesterday. Not anything to do with the US ejection sorry election thankfully😁.

We had the good fortune of having a video of ours retweeted by the Daily Mirror and Jo Whiley all in the same day!!

KIrsten & Aiyven Mbawa. Founders of Happier Every Chapter Book Subscription box

The Daily Mirror and other news titles owned by Reach Plc are currently running a  campaign championing black entrepreneurs. This campaign was originally run in October during the Black History Month but has been relaunched again across the company to help support the growth of the UK’s black economy. To take part, Black Owned Businesses simply need to tweet @DailyMirror using the hashtag #IAMBOB for a chance to get their tweet retweeted by Daily Mirror to their 1.2M followers on twitter! What amazing exposure. We got to enjoy this huge opportunity in a video about Happier Every Chapter, our kids book subscription box (8-14year olds).  At the time of writing this blog, that retweet had earned us 1329 views on our video! 

It didn't end there. We found out about Jo Whiley (also from Northampton😍) has pledged to support small businesses by retweeting their tweets in the run up to Xmas. Off we went to tweet @Jowhiley and you'll never believe it believe it! She also retweeted. So far, we've got nearly 2.5k views on that video too🙌.

Jo Whiley Retweets Mbawa Books Post About their book subscription box for tweens, Happier Every Chapter

Both of these are huge PR opportunities for small business which are not to be missed, so spread the word as far and wide as you can. It was indeed a fantastic day for Mbawa Books! Lots of amazing support for our children's subscription box. Aimed at 8 - 14 year olds, each box comes bursting at the seams with 2 epic and diverse reads, 2 new short stories from us, exclusive author swag, activity sheets, treats & access to an exclusive member only community for author lives, book chats, discounts and more. In the run up to Christmas following these lockdown times, a children subscription box might just be the perfect present as it's value will last well beyond Christmas. To find out more, visit our website

Happier Every Chapter Subscription Box

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