5 Fun Activities for Kids This Summer

The long summer break is here! A time that kids most look forward to, and parents dread the most. We know you're all thinking "how exactly am I going to keep them entertained for six whole weeks?!". Trust me, we've all been there!

We are very happy to have been featured in Just Average Jen's blog post about Keeping kids physically active over summer. This feature spurred us to come up with our own list on things you can do this summer. 

We've come up with 5 activities that you can do with your children this summer, which will hopefully keep them entertained for hours (or weeks) on end. 

1. Head Outdoors and Explore Somewhere New

A green forest

We've had too long stuck indoors in the last 18 months, it's time to get back outdoors and get some fresh air in our lungs. Is there a local nature reserve you're yet to visit? How about an English Heritage site (or equivalent if you're in another country)? Places are now open again, so make the most of them whilst you can. Pack yourselves a picnic and explore the great outdoors. If being at one with nature isn't your vibe, why not visit a town / city that you've never been to before and see what it has to offer.

2. Visit a Museum or Art Gallery

Boy stood with his back to the camera. He's looking forwards at the museum which is ahead of him

Most towns and cities have a museum or art gallery. Have you ever visited yours? Some will have exciting and interesting exhibitions on which you can immerse yourself and your family into. These are fantastic places to visit when the weather isn't the best - you will stay warm and dry, and still leave having had a fun-filled day and having learnt lots of new stuff!

3. Read a Book (or Six)

A Happier Every Chapter subscription box on an orange background with lots of diverse books surrounding it

Obviously, we were going to bring up reading at some point! Many libraries hold a summer reading scheme where if you read a book a week, you'll receive a prize if you complete the scheme by the time you go back to school in September. Reading is an activity you can do on a bad weather day, whilst travelling to / from other activities or before bed.

If you have an 8-14 year old who you'd love to get into reading, but don't know where to start, why not try one of our Happier Every Chapter subscription boxes?

Packed with 2 epic books, new short stories, activity sheets, bookish treats and more, there'll hardly be any time left to get bored before the next box comes along. The icing on this bookish cake is access to an exclusive subscriber ONLY community where Live Author Interviews, book chats and more will take place.

We haven't forgotten siblings too. Choose a solo or sibling subscription for checkout. For sibling subscriptions, you will receive one box with a copy of each main book & our short stories to share but 2 of all other items included in the pack.

August's theme is Perilous Adventures, because the summer holiday is all about being adventurous and exploring somewhere new. 

4. Learn a New Skill

Baking. A large metal bowl with ingredients surrounding it. Someone is pouring flour from a jug into the mixing bowl

Why not use this summer break to learn something new? Have you always wanted to play football, or tennis? Perhaps you've always wanted to know how to bake, or juggle? Now is the perfect time to perfect your new skill. A little bit of practice every day will soon add up, and hopefully by the time you go back to school, you'll have started to master something new and that is something you can wow people with! 

5. Go Camping

A green tent which is lit up from inside. The tent is in a forest and it is night time

Camping doesn't necessarily need to be in the wilderness. You could set up a tent in your garden, or even your living room and create your own camping adventure. To make it more of a unique experience, try banning all electronic devices (phones, tablets, laptops etc) from your tent and instead play some board or card games with your family / friends.

To make all of these activities more fun, why not do them with your friends?! You could challenge your friends to learn the same skill, or read the same books as you. This means that you can then not only do something together, but it also brings a slightly competitive element into it.

Whatever you end up doing this summer break, we hope you enjoy yourselves!





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