3 Reasons Why Reading Can Help Reduce Screen Time

Children nowadays spend a lot of their time in front of a screen, whether it be for educational purposes or just in their free time. While it can be a good thing, sometimes taking away the screen and giving your child a book to read can be helpful.


Choose Your Topic

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The internet is such a vast place and whilst it can bring many positives, it can also bring equally as many negatives. Nowadays the internet has many unavoidable things, and some of which can be pretty distressing or inappropriate for younger eyes. Many other websites can also be distracting to your child when they are trying to learn - it is very easy for them to switch to a games website or Youtube without you realising.

When you pick out a book for a child, or approve what your child picks, you have direct control about what they can or can't read. By doing this, you can keep them away from topics deemed inappropriate.


Calm the Brain

A child and adult laid on their fronts with a blanket over them. They're propping their bodies up using their arms and a cushion and reading a book together

Sometimes when we kids spend all their time on devices, the topics there may get their emotions a little high, and they may experience some anxiety.

By picking up a nice book and diving into a fictional world, this can help reduce some of the stress of the current world, and will help your child's brain calm down to a nicer topic.

Screens also give off a blue light, which can negatively effect the brain and in turn can reduce sleep quality (this goes for adults as well as children!). Books don't give off any blue light and can help children fall asleep quicker and easier. The only negative impact of falling asleep whilst reading is losing your page!


Quality Time

An adult and child sat at their kitchen table reading a book together and doing homework

When the whole family is together, most of the time nowadays one or all of the members have a mobile or other electronic device at hand, this can limit the connection and communication between family members.

Reading a book with your child and discussing a topic with them can help you reconnect with your child, and you may even find a topic that both of you love!
When you find a topic that you both enjoy and can engage in, it will lead to better conversations for you and your child, and may help your child become more interested in other topics that you can talk about together.

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