10 fun things to do during the Easter School Holidays

We've only been back at school a week and it's soon going to be the Easter holidays! I'm sure that, if you're like us, you've watched every film and TV show there is over the last year of being in lockdown!

We've come up with a list of 10 things to do over the Easter School Holidays. Not all of these are outdoor activities, so if the Great British weather chooses to rain for the entire fortnight, then at least you've still got activities to do indoors!


1. Easter egg hunt

This can be done indoors or out. This is also an activity you can adapt to any budget. The rules are simple: find all of the hidden eggs! Ask your parent(s) / guardian(s) to hide eggs around your house or garden, make sure they go for obscure places to make it more difficult and fun!

Tip for parents/guardians: make sure you remember how many eggs you hid and where they are!!


2. Egg rolling

Boil some eggs and write your initials on the shells so you know whose is whose. You'll need to set up a ramp in your house or garden which you'll roll the eggs down. Whoever rolls their egg the furthest wins! (do as many rounds as you like!)

If you're unable to create a ramp, you can do egg bowling instead. Put an Easter egg in the on the floor and take it in turns to see who can roll their boiled eggs closest to the Easter egg. This would be more fun if you had a garden / larger space to play, but would also work fine in a smaller room!


3. Decorated eggs

This is the final egg related one, we promise! What's the most imaginative way you can decorate eggs? Can you recreate a scene from your favourite TV show and make the characters from eggs? Do you have a particular hobby or interest that you could express on a boiled egg? The world's your oyster here! Get creative!

Tip: make sure you either boil your eggs, or remove the egg from the shell by pricking a hole in the top and bottom of the egg and blowing the contents out - this method makes your egg shells much more fragile though, so be careful.


4. Easter themed crafts

This is something you can do on any budget and you can get creative as you like. You can either use items you already have in the house (e.g. egg cartons, empty cereal boxes, empty milk bottles etc), or you could buy an Easter crafts kit.


5. Read an entire book

You knew we would put a book related one in eventually, didn't you?! Our April subscription box is Easter themed and we've included two fantastic books in there; The Great Chocoplot by Chris Callaghan and How To Save The World With A Chicken And An Egg by Emma Shevah. We have also compiled a list of 10 Easter themed books, some are religious and others are non-religious and just about chocolate! LINK BLOG 

Make sure when you've read your book that you write a review on it. If you need some inspiration on how to write a review, you can check out some of our reviews on our Youtube channel.


6. Write a short story

Every month we each write a short story to go in our subscription boxes. We absolutely love writing these as it keeps our creative juices flowing without having to write an entire book. This Easter we are holding a short story writing workshop over on our Facebook group, where we will show you the ropes on how to write your own short stories by the end of the Easter holiday!


7. English Heritage Easter Events

English Heritage have over 60 historic sites across the country and between 29th March and 18th April, 24 of their sites will be opening to hold Easter events (Covid safe, of course!). Click here to be taken to their website to find a site near you! This is a perfect opportunity to not only get out of the house, but to do some learning in a fun way!

If you don't have an English Heritage site near you, it would be worth doing some Googling to see if any UK attractions are holding virtual events, or if there's anywhere local to you holding Easter events. Hopefully the weather will hold out!


8. Get baking!

I'm sure you've all done your fair share of baking over the last 12 months, but who doesn't love a sweet treat?! You can easily customise what you bake into something Easter themed - that's if you get enough time to decorate them without someone pinching one from the tray!


9. Follow and online tutorial and learn the choreography to a famous song

After all of that cake it's time to get moving! There are SO many dance tutorials online that we're sure you'll be able to find one for your favourite songs. It's a fun way to exercise, without realising you're exercising! It can get a bit frustrating at the start when you're trying to learn all of the moves, but you'll get there eventually and you'll look like a complete pro!


10. Create an obstacle course

Like many activities we've suggested, this can be done in either a house or a garden. Grab your kitchen chairs, some cushions and create an obstacle course for yourself and your family! You can make it as easy or as complicated as you like - you're the boss of it!


We really hope that this list has helped spur some new ideas after what has only become a very repetitive year. We hope that you all have a lovely Easter, whether you celebrate it or not.

- Aiyven and Kirsten

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