10 Fantastic Books For Kids To Read This Easter!

Easter is upon us again after what was the longest, yet shortest year of our lives (does anyone else think that time flew to say we were stuck at home!?). Easter is a time of chocolate eggs and straw bonnets. But for many, including us, it has a deeper religious meaning that we can't forget about.

We've come up with a list of 10 books that we think are perfect reads for over the Easter period. Some are religious and some are just about chocolate! Either way, any of these will make the perfect Easter gift for kids.


1. The Easter Bunny Invasion - Clifford James Hayes (best for ages 8-12)

The Easter Bunny Invasion - Clifford James Hayes

Fans of quirky, irreverent humour will squeal with delight at The Easter Bunny Invasion! For many years Mildred the Easter Bunny has delivered scrumptious Easter eggs to all the children of the world. But Foxington ‘Foxy’ McFox - the foxiest fox in all of Foxtown - wants to get his paws on Mildred’s wondrous flying egg factory, and turn Easter into a disaster! Soon, the Easter Bunny must seek help from Santa Claus, Clarence the Slug and a great many others - will Mildred and her friends save the day, or will Foxy’s bunny invasion take over the world? Very silly and absolutely bonkers, The Easter Bunny Invasion! is a great read for children and adults alike. 


2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Roald Dahl (best for ages 7+)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Roald Dahl

Mr Willy Wonka is the most extraordinary chocolate maker in the world. And do you know who Charlie is? Charlie Bucket is the hero. The other children in this book are nasty little beasts, called: Augustus Gloop - a great big greedy nincompoop; Veruca Salt - a spoiled brat; Violet Beauregarde - a repulsive little gum-chewer; Mike Teavee - a boy who only watches television. Clutching their Golden Tickets, they arrive at Wonka's chocolate factory. But what mysterious secrets will they discover? Our tour is about to begin. Please don't wander off. Mr Wonka wouldn't like to lose any of you at this stage of the proceedings...

This book is a classic and it's full of chocolate! We'd say this book is best for those who are 7+, but there's no upper end on who can enjoy this book. There's also the two films: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the old one) and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the new one) that you can watch to understand the storyline of the book a bit better. 

Did you know that Charlie Bucket, the book's hero was originally written to be a young black boy😲! Hold on, not only that, the Oompa Loompa's too were originally called African pigmies! Roahl Dahl's widow in a press tour years later, revealed this saying how wonderful it would have been if Charlie had stayed black. Unfortunately, Roahl Dahl's literary agent insisted that Charlie Bucket's race be changed.


3. The Great Chocoplot - Chris Callaghan (best for ages 7+)

The Great Chocoplot - Chris Callaghan

Jelly and her family live in Chompton-on-de-Lyte, where everyone loves a Chocablocka bar or two. So when the end of chocolate is announced, she can't believe it. Determined to investigate, Jelly and her gran follow a trail of clues to a posh chocolate shop and its owner, the pompous Garibaldi Chocolati. Gari's suspiciously smug, despite his failing business and yucky chocolate. Is it really the chocopocalypse, or is there a chocoplot afoot?

Many reviewers have called this the 'modern day Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', but with a twist! This book is seriously funny and will keep you laughing right until the last page! We have also chosen to include this book in April's subscription box. Those wanting subscription boxes for kids as Easter gift ideas, will find April's box easy way to fill that need. 


4. A Room Full of Chocolate - Jane Elson (best for ages 6-11)

A Room Full of Chocolate - Jane Elson

Grace's fun-loving Mum has found a lump. Her north London world of sleepovers, tap dancing and playing the clarinet fall apart when she is sent to live with her grumpy old granddad on his farm in Yorkshire while her mother goes into hospital to get better. Grace misses her mother so much it hurts, and doesn't quite understand what is happening to her. And things go from bad to worse when she starts school and becomes the bullies' latest target.

But Grace is no longer alone when she meets Rainbow Girl Megan and her pig, Claude - when she's with them she feels as if she can confront anything. At Easter time when Grace misses her mum the most, she knows she must find a way to get to London. With Megan's help, she hatches a plan to run away that involves Claude, chocolate Easter eggs and a risky ID swap. But it's all worth it if it means that she finally gets to see her mum

This book might be emotional for some readers, but is a story of courage, family and friendship. It isn't religious, just set over the Easter period. 


5. The Wonder of Easter - Ed Drew (suitable for a variety of ages from 3-12)

The Wonder of Easter - Ed Drew

This flexible, easy-to-use Lent devotional will allow both adults and children to celebrate the limitless wonder of Easter. Walk through Lukes Gospel and the Old Testament to discover why the story of Jesus' death and resurrection is the most amazing story ever told.

This is a discussion-based resource with differentiated questions for 3-4s, 5-7s, 7-12s, teens and adults! At just 10 minutes each, these devotions are an achievable joy, not an unrealistic burden.

There are five devotions for each week. If you can't get to it every day, that's alright. Stuff happens. We hope that if you miss one you can pick it up again easily. You might discover that five a week is an unrealistic target if so, some studies have been marked as KEY to help you choose which ones to pick. 


6. The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop - Kate Saunders (best for ages 7-12)

The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop - Kate Saunders

Oz and Lily's family have inherited an ancient chocolate shop and they're moving in upstairs.

It's the perfect home ... apart from the small fact that it's haunted.

And then they discover some solid gold chocolate moulds - with magic powers!

Soon the ghosts are joined by some evil villains determined to get their hands on the priceless secrets of the magical chocolate.

This book isn't exclusively Easter related, but it's full of lots of chocolate! 


7. How To Save The World With A Chicken And An Egg - Emma Shevah (best for ages 8-12)

How To Save The World With A Chicken And An Egg - Emma Shevah


This story isn't just about birds. It's about secrets, the seaside, how seagulls can trick worms into thinking it's raining.

It's about mucus, fudge and dogs needing a wide variety of sniffs.

But if you want the simple version, it's about what happened here last summer. How a girl called Ivy and a boy called Nathaniel solved a mystery and saved the world's animals: one at a time ...

This book is perfect for young eco-warriors, or those wanting to learn more about the world around them. We are including this book in our April subscription box! As subscription boxes go, Happier Every Chapter is thrilled to be on that has captured the hearts of kids and parents alike. 


8. Easter Stories - Enid Blyton (best for ages 6-11)

Easter Stories (also known as Springtime Stories depending on your location) - Enid Blyton

(You might also find this book under a different name; Springtime Stories)

 Head off on a sparkling springtime adventure with the world's best-loved storyteller. From the little boy who helps a lamb in trouble to the fairies hidden inside Easter Eggs, excitement and magic are never far away in this collection of stories to read and share. These fun, entertaining tales are ideal for newly confident readers and are the perfect length for reading aloud at bedtime or in the classroom.

There's 30 short stories in this book, meaning you can just read one at a time, instead of having to concentrate on reading an entire book. As you all know, we love short stories and write them ourselves each month to go in our subscription box  


  1. Emma the Easter Fairy - Daisy Meadows (best for ages 5+)

Emma the Easter Fairy works alongside the Easter Bunny to make sure that this special time of year is a happy and fun-filled time for everyone! But when the pesky goblins steal Emma's magical Easter Eggs, chaos reigns! Can Rachel and Kirsty help Emma to save Easter before it's ruined forever...?

The Rainbow Magic books are great for those who are starting to get into reading independently. The books are reasonably short, but are still packed with lots of fun!  


10. Amon's Adventure - Arnold Ytreeide (best for ages 8-13)

Amon's Adventure - Arnold Ytreeide

It's thirty years later and Jotham now has a son of his own. The smartest boy in Jerusalem, and inventor of many strange and wonderful machines, Amon has just turned thirteen -- the age a Jewish boy officially becomes a man. But is he ready for that responsibility?

His life is further complicated when he must host Tamar, the daughter of his father's friend. But his life is completely ripped apart when his father is falsely accused of a terrible crime and sentenced to death.  Amon believes only the cleverness of his mind can save his father. In the end, he must admit he is powerless without God.


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