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Happier Every Chapter Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Happier Every Chapter F.A.Q Page


From the book reviews we've been doing over the last year or more, we've found that there is a need for a more exclusive and engaged community for children our age to enjoy & discuss carefully selected book recommendations as well as have a chance to meet and greet authors.

More importantly, we wanted something that would keep us writing but also allow us
time to focus on our school work. In brainstorming as a family, we soon realised, one way to achieve this was to set up a subscription box through which to share exciting reads and treats for other bookworms like us. So
Happier Every Chapter was born.  

Who is Happier Every Chapter for?

For boys and girls aged 8-14 years old, so tweens. However, more advanced readers younger than 8 years old or readers older than 14 can still benefit from it. We've spent so much time reading and reviewing books for this age bracket, it enables us to provide super curated books with diverse & epic stories which both boys and girls can read and enjoy. Having said that, we will consider having a Young Adult book box in the future.  


Can I have more than one child on my subscription?

Absolutely, if both children are within tween age range (8-14), we can accommodate a sibling pack request. Please select which subscription type you would like to go for; a solo or sibling subscription and the subscription value per month will be adjusted accordingly. They will receive one box with a copy of each main book & our short stories to share but 2 of all other items included in the box. Unfortunately, at the moment, we cannot accommodate requests for children in any other age group. However, the plan is to launch a Young Adult box in the future so we will have that covered too.   

With each Happier Every Chapter Box comes:

📚 2 fantastic books with diverse and epic stories

🧾2 new themed short stories & activity sheets

🤗 Jokes, quotes & vocab builders

🔖 4 -6 bookish treats & 🍫 lifestyle items

👫 Access to exclusive members only Member's only community for live
author interviews, discounts, book chats
& more


Do you reveal what's in each month's box?

No. To keep the element of surprise and make the unboxing process as fun as it can be, we only reveal the book of the month and a few spoilers for the lifestyle items. We will be sharing the theme well before shipping and key spoiler alerts. Why not take a browse of our Instagram, YouTube and Facebook pages? That might give you an idea of the type of books & treats we read and we would likely be seeking to include in our boxes.    

 Unfortunately no. With the amount of effort put into curating what goes into each box,
we are certain that not only will you get to try and enjoy a wide range of books, genres and authors, but this will open up room for conversation with other subscribers in our exclusive
member only community  

We plan to hold author interviews within 2 weeks of the boxes shipping to give the
readers time to have read some or all of the books and come armed with questions. We will reveal which author we will be interviewing & when on one of the inserts in the box.

Whilst we try to curate the books as much as possible and as far in advance as possible, there is a always a chance that the more odd subscribers might have already have the book in their collection. Congrats on being such a avid reader! We will crave your indulgence to let us know by emailing and wait for the next month's box. We're sure you'll be in for a treat. If this becomes more of a concern, please email us at so we can look into some sort of arrangement for you.  

You definitely can! All our current and past boxes can be bough as one-offs. Please head over to our gift and past boxes collection and you can choose which past or current box to buy. Note that as well as the one-off boxes, you can have multiple subscriptions running on your account.

Our Privacy Policy Link to our full Privacy Policy can be found here

Pricing & Shipping

When will I be billed?

Your very 1st box will NOT be billed immediately but on the 11th of the month. Any subsequent box will be billed on the 11th of each month. Note that we have a 25 day buffer period to ensure that our subscribers do not get charged twice in the same month. So, with our billing date of 11th of each month, if an order is placed on 5th October, the customer will be first charged on 11th October and then 11th November. Our order cut-off to receive the current month's box is 14th of each month. Boxes ship between 12th - 15th of each month unless the 12th falls on a weekend, in which case it will be shipped the next working day.

When Will I get my box?

Boxes ship between 12th -15th of each month (unless the 12th falls on a weekend, in which case it will be shipped the next working day). The order cut off date is the shipping day i.e. 14th of each month. So, if you subscribe by 30th Sept, your box will ship 12th - 15th October. If you subscribe on 16th Oct, your first box will be shipped on 12th - 15th November etc. On 11th November, you will be charged for November's box.


How much is shipping?

UK Shipping is via 1st Class Royal Mail and is charged at £3.90 for our UK subscribers and takes 3-5 days. International shipping takes 7-15 days via Royal Mail International & costs start at £7.50. Delays may happen due to COVID challenges. Contact us on for alternative delivery methods.

Returns & Refunds

Do you accept returns for a refund?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns for refunds unless items arrived damaged. This is because given the value we try to offer, we also buy items from our suppliers at final sale prices so cannot return to them. Part refunds are also not possible but you can use the choice to cancel your renewal.   

Can I cancel my subscription?

Monthly rolling subscriptions can be paused or cancelled anytime. You just need to login to your Subbly Customer Portal to make the changes. For other plans, cancelations are only possible once the initial subscription term is over e.g. 3-months, 6-months & 12-months. Please note that your subscription will not automatically cancel at the end of the 3, 6 or 12 month period. So should you wish to discontinue your subscription, please do so via the portal or let us know via email to 

Thanks for visiting the Happier Every Chapter F.A.Q page! Still have questions? Please send us a message via the Contact Us page or email us at