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Welcome! We are Kirsten  and Aiyven of Mbawa Books. We live in Northampton with our parents, youngest sister Kaitlyn, pet cat Zaki and pet pigeon Gus. Its fair to say we are voracious readers and book reviewers. Sagas of Anya by Kirsten & Land Of The Nurogons by Aiyven are our debut middle-grade novels. Our books started life as entries to the 2019 BBC 500 Words writing contest. Even though we weren't successful, we turned our entries into middle-grade novels which are now on sale on Amazon & our website.


You may have watched our reviews of children, middle-grade or young adult books on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. Or you may have seen us on BBC Look East or even in The WeekJnr magazine. Whichever way, we're sure by now, you get the idea that we are mad about books.


Sagas of Anya by Kirsten Mbawa

What would you do if you had to become a maid at thirteen working for a nasty housekeeper? After her mam dies, 12yr old Anya watches as her once loving tad turns to drink. Things hit a new low the next year and Anya is forced to travel from Victorian Cardiff to London to become a scullery maid at Tippets House, under the watchful eye and cruel hand of Mrs. Axton.

Spirited and bright, Anya makes friends and some enemies too. Will she survive and find a loving place to belong again or will this life of drudgery be forever?


Land of the Nurogons by Aiyven Mbawa

I, Hayden Smith, never considered myself to be the ‘chosen one’. I thought I was your average high school kid. But, no, of course I was completely wrong. And I have a sneaking suspicion that however much I tried to avoid my fate, I’d end up in the same place, Nurogonia.

And now a bloke called Sosiri plans to turn the world of Nurogonia into something unimaginable. If he succeeds, we’re all dead. It’s my problem to prevent that. All those deaths would be on my hands. And if I fail? Oh, never mind, I won’t be alive to find out. Middle-grade Fantasy adventure fans will love this!




From March 2019 when the book reviews started, there's been a steady growth in our social media following telling of the need for literacy promotion & book recommendations. 

The book reviews now happen monthly on Facebook, YouTube & Linkedin and where possible the author(s) whose books have been featured in that month's subscription box will be invited for a Live Author Interview . Check out the blog for updates.



Support for the book reviews, our recently published books & upcoming subscription box has been phenomenal. For that, we cannot say enough thanks. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments about literacy promotion for children and we will do our best to help. If you have any particularly interesting books you want us to review/have in the box please do not hesitate to let us know. Lets create a community of readers!



Without a doubt, the highlight of this year has been our BBC Look East TV appearance back in June when we were interviewed about our recently published novels. Since then, we have also featured on BBC Three Counties Radio, The WeekJnr Magazine & a number of blogs.

Charity really did begin at home for us with the Northampton Chronicle & Echo featuring us for World Book Day 2020 during the height of our Kickstarter campaign! We remain always grateful for the support we have received.


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Empowering & inspiring! 

Fantastic recommendations,
empowering and inspiring girls✌️" Read More

Tamsin Winter

A joy to watch

"These young ladies are a joy to listen too! They do a great job with their reviews and have an obvious passion for books! I recommend them highly!"

Jared Wilson

Interesting, funny & detailed

"These young ladies are amazing. Such a joy to watch and listen to. Interesting, funny and detailed - Very well spoken too. Their reviews are clear, lovely and honest." Read More...

Vese Aghoghovbia

Bubble of joy and positivity

What a bubble of joy and positivity these two reviewers are. As well as reviewing such a terrific variety of books, they give so much time and attention to providing a detailed review, and encourage kids and adults alike to read widely. Big hearts, fantastic vision and avid readers, Mbawa Book Reviewers are highly recommended.

Elena Paige

Relatable Reviews kids will love

Hi everyone! I absolutely love these beautiful young ladies and was fortunate enough to receive reviews for my children's book, Go-Cart Gertie. The girls read the book live on their site and discussed what lessons were found within the storyline. In addition, the girls are truly relatable with other children and share their viewpoints on each book they review. I definitely recommend checking them out!

Cindy Shirley

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